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    Marbella marble decorative roll sticker

    3,500 ريال يمني2,500 ريال يمني

    🇾🇪 Available with a second payment and in special colors other than all-Note / focus on the large size 5 meters * 60 cm width -Marbella marble roll sticker will...

    Shoe storage stand and foldable clothes hanger

    9,000 ريال يمني6,000 ريال يمني

    Foldable stand for storing shoes, clothes hangers, hats, etc It consists of fabric shelves and 8 hooks for hanging your bags, hats, and other things. Stainless steel columns, sturdy, unbreakable...

    Foldable portable chair

    6,000 ريال يمني4,000 ريال يمني

    If you are a fan of camping outings, then you will definitely need the necessary tools, a portable folding chair, a portable folding chair for camping in the garden, a...

    Multi-use holder with adhesive and hole

    1,500 ريال يمني500 ريال يمني

    For lovers of elegance and arrangements There is still anxiety when losing devices. We found the perfect and most wonderful solution for you A multi-use mobile phone holder with adhesive...

    Toothbrush stand with wall paste

    3,700 ريال يمني2,500 ريال يمني

    It is a toothbrush holder and toothpaste dispenser Great for kids and adults alike and encourages good personal hygiene habits Comes with attached adhesive for easy installation. The same amount...

    Adhesive bathroom and kitchen corner shelf

    4,000 ريال يمني3,000 ريال يمني

      No clutter No dirt No fear for your child Hurry up to buy before stocks run out Corner shelf Bathroom and kitchens Solid iron adhesive coated with anti-rust material...

    Wallpaper and adhesive decor

    4,000 ريال يمني2,000 ريال يمني

    When it comes to designing a home and choosing the appropriate décor for it, there are a variety of designs and ideas that you can create. There is elegant and...

    Deer-shaped accessories holder stand

    3,000 ريال يمني1,000 ريال يمني

    Deer-shaped accessories holder stand The beautiful design adds a touch of classic beauty to your space and makes you stand out with the smallest details of elegance This distinctive stand...

    Heat and oil resistant aluminum decorative paper

    5,000 ريال يمني2,000 ريال يمني

    Add modern decor to your kitchen with self-adhesive aluminum foil A roll of silver and gold thermal embossed aluminum adhesive for multiple uses Now you can reduce the hassle of...

    Mini crystal lamp

    3,000 ريال يمني1,000 ريال يمني

    Product Description : Small lamps for decoration and home decor using 3D technology Advantages : Battery operated Elegant and beautiful shape 3D design LED table lamp lighting Suitable for distributions...

    Foldable hanging trash can

    5,000 ريال يمني2,500 ريال يمني

    Collapsible hanging trash can for kitchens, bedrooms or even the office Do you suffer from chaos in the kitchen when you cook and it is difficult for you to dispose...

    Clothes organizer closet

    3,000 ريال يمني1,000 ريال يمني

    To save time and space The new has arrived as usual Closet Organizer: Great for organizing clothes, underwear, panties, bras, socks, scarf, ties...etc. Storage space to meet your different organizational...

    5-level fabric shoe racks in attractive, distinctive and sturdy shapes

    7,000 ريال يمني5,000 ريال يمني

    Goodbye to chaos and hello to order with shoes made of cloth that give your home imaginative order Fabric shoe cabinets with 5 floors of cloth shelves, organizing and arranging...

    Foldable wardrobe

    8,000 ريال يمني6,500 ريال يمني

    Folding wardrobe Do you need extra space for your clothes? This wardrobe will be the ideal solution for storing clothes, shoes, books and toys Multi-purpose and dust-resistant A wardrobe (hang...

    Adhesive cable and connectors organizer

    2,000 ريال يمني1,000 ريال يمني

    We have provided you with the perfect solution to the problems of entanglement and loss of connections and cables Cable and connections organizer, multi-use adhesive, set of 4 sheets One piece can...

    صمغ الصاروخ الخام

    3,000 ريال يمني1,500 ريال يمني

    صمغ الصاروخ الخام للتلحيم غراء سريع الجفاف لجميع الأغراض، تصلب فوري قوي في أقل من دقيقه.المواصفات :➖ مقاوم لدرجات الحرارة المنخفضة.➖ مقاوم للماء، سريع الجفاف.➖ لاصق عالي القوة للطوب والحجر والسيراميك والبلاستيك، والجلود...

    Night moonlight

    6,000 ريال يمني3,000 ريال يمني

    LED moon night light Specifications: Material : ABS Power supply : USB charging Lighting colours : warm white / multi-colored light (These lights cannot be turned on at the same...

    Cabinet Lamp Hinge Kit

    5,000 ريال يمني2,000 ريال يمني

    The cabinet hinge LED light is made of ABS material, sturdy and durable to use Convenient: The light will turn on automatically when you open the cabinet, and the light...

    دريل لاسلكي يعمل بشحن بسعر مغري

    12,000 ريال يمني6,000 ريال يمني

    *وصل الجديد وبسعر مغرري جدان* *دريل لاسلكي يعمل بشحنUSP مزود بتوصيل جلاكسي مجاان* *لا استهلاك للكهرباء ولا تعب بنقل الدريل من مكان لآخر بالاسلاك وغيره**يحل جميع مشاكلك ستحتاجه حتماً لفك...

    USB diffuser with multi-color lighting

    5,000 ريال يمني2,000 ريال يمني

    USB diffuser with multi-color lighting USB perfume and moisturizer for the skin. Elegant and distinctive, it is fragrant and moisturizes the air. Modern and imaginative design. Easily sterilize and perfume...

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