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    House and kitchen

    Hot and cold insulated cup

    5,000 ريال يمني3,500 ريال يمني

    Carry this insulated mug with you wherever you go, as it is made of a durable material that keeps your favorite drink hot or cold for a long time.It has...

    Marbella marble decorative roll sticker

    3,500 ريال يمني2,500 ريال يمني

    🇾🇪 Available with a second payment and in special colors other than all-Note / focus on the large size 5 meters * 60 cm width -Marbella marble roll sticker will...

    Loofah (sponge) bath for body exfoliation for adults and children

    2,500 ريال يمني1,000 ريال يمني

    Spa Scrub, Exfoliating Dead Skin Remover, Gentle exfoliation, helps to clean the skin, open pores, improve blood circulation, maintain the skin's inner gradient, and rejuvenate your sensitive skin.  Suitable for...

    LED head lamp with sensor

    7,000 ريال يمني3,000 ريال يمني

    DMG Rechargeable LED Headlamp, 1 LED 1200 Lumens COB Corner Light 230 degree wide illumination with hand motion sensor, Bright Lightweight waterproof for camping, running, hiking, hunting, home and engineering...

    Sensitive solar bulb

    5,000 ريال يمني2,500 ريال يمني

    It is a multi-use, direct solar-powered lamp for the gardens or paths surrounding your home, which relies completely and completely on clean energy coming directly from the sun. It also...

    Wireless doorbell

    8,000 ريال يمني4,000 ريال يمني

    A wireless doorbell that operates with a finger battery and comes with different ringtones The amazing wireless bell without wires or screws, with regular batteries, and with different tones You...

    food mixer

    5,500 ريال يمني4,000 ريال يمني

    100% brand new and high qualityFeatures:Made of high quality ABS + stainless steel material, non-toxic, safe, anti-corrosion, rust-resistant.Sturdy and durable, long service life, farewell to frequent replacement of mixer.Excellent motor,...

    Rechargeable electric automatic water pump

    4,500 ريال يمني3,500 ريال يمني

    Rechargeable electric automatic water pump Portable water pump, helps you pour water from the flask with ease. Powerful rechargeable batteryDrinking water dispenser for kitchen, home, office, outdoor camping It is...

    Manual pump for petrol, oil and water

    4,500 ريال يمني3,500 ريال يمني

    Multifunction pump Hand pump used to transfer gasoline, diesel, oil, water, etc. One-way function. It is often used as a marine hand pump to supply oil to an outboard motor....

    Double magnetic glass wiper

    3,500 ريال يمني2,500 ريال يمني

    Don't take any risk to clean the outside of the glass, with this product, cleaning the inside and outside of the glass has never been easier... Double sided magnetic window...

    Rotatable hanger

    1,000 ريال يمني500 ريال يمني

    Goodbye to kitchen and bathroom clutter. Goodbye to lost kitchen utensils or bathroom supplies We have provided for you, my dear, the Kitchen Utensil Hanger with 6 Hooks Under Cabinet...

    Sokany SK-3070 Portable Hand Iron

    10,000 ريال يمني5,000 ريال يمني

    *A lightweight hand iron that irons clothes and various furnishings, takes out all the cracks and wrinkles, and works to completely sterilize and remove odors. It heats up quickly and...

    Dishwashing brushes

    1,000 ريال يمني500 ريال يمني

    Dishwashing Brush With Detergent Storage Handle Soap Dispenser Cleaning Bowl Cup Bowl Dish Washing Kitchen Utensils Main Products Dishwashing Tools

    Shoe storage stand and foldable clothes hanger

    9,000 ريال يمني6,000 ريال يمني

    Foldable stand for storing shoes, clothes hangers, hats, etc It consists of fabric shelves and 8 hooks for hanging your bags, hats, and other things. Stainless steel columns, sturdy, unbreakable...

    Multifunctional hand mixer

    5,000 ريال يمني4,000 ريال يمني

    Goodbye to electricity, a multifunctional hand mixer that helps save time and effort. Its size is very suitable. If your kitchen, my dear, is very small, this mixer does not...

    A device for removing lint from clothes and fabrics

    6,000 ريال يمني2,500 ريال يمني

    Product Description : This product removes lint from clothes and fabrics and will make your clothes regain their elegant appearance. For clothes, bed linen and furniture Ideal lint remover for...

    Foldable portable chair

    6,000 ريال يمني4,000 ريال يمني

    If you are a fan of camping outings, then you will definitely need the necessary tools, a portable folding chair, a portable folding chair for camping in the garden, a...

    Magic clothes hangers are horizontal and vertical

    1,000 ريال يمني500 ريال يمني

    Goodbye to chaos and hello to order and a beautiful and attractive view in organizing your closet with multi-functional clothes hangers to organize clothes in an elegant and beautiful way....

    Electric Juicer DSP_KJ2099

    20,000 ريال يمني14,500 ريال يمني

    International brand ice crusher electric blender from (DSP), high quality. Specifications : Equipped with a high-quality, multi-functional electronic touch screen display. Large, removable mixing bowl with graduated scale and filler...

    Multi-use holder with adhesive and hole

    1,500 ريال يمني500 ريال يمني

    For lovers of elegance and arrangements There is still anxiety when losing devices. We found the perfect and most wonderful solution for you A multi-use mobile phone holder with adhesive...

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