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    Professional photography ring light RING LIGHT

    8,000 ريال يمني4,500 ريال يمني

    Professional photography ring light RING LIGHT Selfie ring with tripod Sturdy construction with a groove to stop swaying. Stylish design. Lightweight and comfortable to carry anywhere Selfie Ring with Full...

    Folding umbrellas

    4,000 ريال يمني2,000 ريال يمني

    Folding umbrella An umbrella supported by metal ribs and designed to protect a person from raindrops or from the sun's rays medium size Strong against water and does not allow...

    Gemei GM-6077 shaver

    4,000 ريال يمني2,500 ريال يمني

    One of the advantages of the Gemei 6077 shaver is the use of battery power. The battery of the Jimmy 6122 shaver can be recharged. This product contains 4 combs...

    Hot and cold insulated cup

    5,000 ريال يمني3,500 ريال يمني

    Carry this insulated mug with you wherever you go, as it is made of a durable material that keeps your favorite drink hot or cold for a long time.It has...

    Deep scalp massager to remove daily tension and stress

    1,500 ريال يمني1,000 ريال يمني

    One of the most famous massage tools around the world, it features 12 flexible stainless steel fingers that deeply massage the scalp as it stimulates millions of nerve endings in...

    Marbella marble decorative roll sticker

    3,500 ريال يمني2,500 ريال يمني

    🇾🇪 Available with a second payment and in special colors other than all-Note / focus on the large size 5 meters * 60 cm width -Marbella marble roll sticker will...

    Loofah (sponge) bath for body exfoliation for adults and children

    2,500 ريال يمني1,000 ريال يمني

    Spa Scrub, Exfoliating Dead Skin Remover, Gentle exfoliation, helps to clean the skin, open pores, improve blood circulation, maintain the skin's inner gradient, and rejuvenate your sensitive skin.  Suitable for...

    Super aluminum waterproof adhesive

    4,000 ريال يمني3,000 ريال يمني

    Goodbye to water leakage, the aluminum super waterproof adhesive is a multi-functional adhesive that does not leak and does not waste water anymore. This adhesive is the most distinguished and...

    Aluminum foldable base for laptop and tablet

    7,000 ريال يمني4,500 ريال يمني

    For your peace of mind and to keep you calm to watch everything you like and to carry out all your work easily and conveniently, all you have to do...

    LED head lamp with sensor

    7,000 ريال يمني3,000 ريال يمني

    DMG Rechargeable LED Headlamp, 1 LED 1200 Lumens COB Corner Light 230 degree wide illumination with hand motion sensor, Bright Lightweight waterproof for camping, running, hiking, hunting, home and engineering...

    Sensitive solar bulb

    5,000 ريال يمني2,500 ريال يمني

    It is a multi-use, direct solar-powered lamp for the gardens or paths surrounding your home, which relies completely and completely on clean energy coming directly from the sun. It also...

    Remote control helicopter toy

    5,000 ريال يمني3,500 ريال يمني

    Learn to fly in the sky...with the joy of flying. Beautiful and wonderful helicopter. Enjoy flying your own plane and run after it with enthusiasm. Control it perfectly with a...

    Rechargeable electric automatic water pump

    4,500 ريال يمني3,500 ريال يمني

    Rechargeable electric automatic water pump Portable water pump, helps you pour water from the flask with ease. Powerful rechargeable batteryDrinking water dispenser for kitchen, home, office, outdoor camping It is...

    Smart manual toothbrush for children

    1,700 ريال يمني1,000 ريال يمني

    U-shaped round toothbrush for children  Made of healthy silicone 100% PP, high quality soft, stretchable and durable  Suitable for children's teeth that move 360 degrees  Deep and effective cleaning A...

    Manual pump for petrol, oil and water

    4,500 ريال يمني3,500 ريال يمني

    Multifunction pump Hand pump used to transfer gasoline, diesel, oil, water, etc. One-way function. It is often used as a marine hand pump to supply oil to an outboard motor....

    Good taste bag

    7,000 ريال يمني4,500 ريال يمني

    Excellent material High quality Black color with blue stripes and clouds, very attractive Comfortable to carry and lightweight It has supports in the back to be very comfortable and does...

    Laptop backpack, with USB charging port

    8,000 ريال يمني5,000 ريال يمني

    High quality and quality Easy to wash and clean when exposed to dirt Because it does not get damaged or change when washed Beautiful and attractive gray colour A large...

    USB Portable Air Cooling Hand Fan

    3,000 ريال يمني2,000 ريال يمني

    To let your child have a quiet and comfortable sleep, all you have to do is buy a hand fan to soften the atmosphere, a small portable rechargeable hand fan...

    Elegant sunflower fan

    4,000 ريال يمني2,000 ريال يمني

    Since the air temperature is high in the summer, we have provided you with an elegant sunflower fan equipped with a mobile holder and lighting. It is more effective on...

    Hand and foot moisturizing kit

    2,500 ريال يمني – 5,000 ريال يمني

    1. Nourishing and moisturizing the feet, preventing cracking, and preventing the pain of cracked feet.2. Washable and unisex, can be washed repeatedly, longer using time.3. Flexible stretch without deformation, anti-stretch...

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